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Intelligent Sleep Aid

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Product description

Are You Suffering From Poor Sleep Quality?


Introducing our revolutionary Sleep Aid Machine, the perfect solution for anyone who struggles with sleep deprivation, anxiety, or stress. This powerful little device is designed to help you fall asleep quickly and easily, while also providing relief from migraines, anxiety, and stress. With its advanced microcurrent technology, this sleep instrument stimulates neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex to regulate mood and promote a restful night's sleep. By properly stimulating the hands with the same frequency as the brain, this device helps to relieve anxiety without the need for medication. By stimulating specific acupoints and promoting relaxation, our Sleep Aid Machine helps to release stress and anxiety, allowing you to achieve a state of calm and tranquility. Small but mighty, this sleep aid machine is the perfect addition to any nighttime routine, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and restful night's sleep. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a brighter tomorrow with our Sleep Aid Machine!


  1. Using this product can stimulate neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex through micro-currents, thereby regulating emotions and promoting sleep.
  2. Small and convenient, you can carry it with you.
  3. The battery capacity is 300mAh, USB is convenient for charging, and it can be connected to the computer's USB port, mobile power, power supply, and other charging methods.

     4. Suitable for people with insomnia, overthinking, etc.


Product material: ABS

Product size: 40.5*38.5*68.5mm

Input voltage: DC 5V

Working power: 0.03W

Charging port: USB Charging

How to use 

Hold it in your hand and close your eyes.

Concentrate on the microcurrent stimulation (which helps calm your mind & body) and drift into sleep naturally


Q: Is the manual in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, etc.?

1 - At present, our manuals are all in Chinese and English by default. If you do not understand English and Chinese, you can contact us after you receive the package. We will send you the electronic version of the English screenshots, and then you can convert them to the corresponding language that you can understand.

Q: How to use the sleep meter?

2 - First you need to open the top of the device, then press the M key on the back to enter high-strength mode, and then hold the metal part inside with your left hand.

Q: How long does the sleep meter automatically turn off?

3 -  Usually it will automatically turn off after 20 minutes.



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